Thursday, July 19, 2012

History in Pictures

Here's a few photos....a food and fish diary to bring things up to speed.

                                                                         My precious
Nice Pompano from St. George Island
                                                                           Primo pizza
Spanish mack

Just my size  :)

Classic grub

Stuffed pork tenderloin

Smoked chicken and japs with local BBQ sauce

Hogs in a blanket

Whole chicken

Spadefish at St. George

                                                                         Perfect pie 
                                                                    Vegetarian night
Smoked prime rib by BIL

Classic ribs
Looby making a bream sandwich
Buddy's first fish (he's thrilled)
Orange Beach Red
$5.99 shrimp cocktail
Tossed mullet

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  1. So excited to see all of your awesome cooking!! Hooray! Welcome to the blogoverse!